Two killed by gunmen and Curfew imposed in Kohat


KOHAT: A curfew was imposed in Kohat on Monday in  Hangu after unidentified gunmen killed two people, including a police official, Web reported.

The curfew was later lifted in Hangu after situation returned to normalcy.

The shooting happened in the city of Kohat while activists from the Sunni organisation Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat (ASWJ) were demonstrating against Friday’s violence in Rawalpindi which left nine people dead.

“The activists were rallying against the Rawalpindi violence when unidentified gunmen opened fire on the procession from near a mosque in the area, killing two people,” district police chief Saleem Khan Marwat told AFP.

Another local police official, Tanweer Ahmad, confirmed the incident.

Marwat said the ASWJ activists retaliated by firing bullets in the air, which sparked tension in the area. Some shops were set on fire in a market near Shah Faisal gate.

Police and the army cordoned off the area and ordered markets closed. A search operation is underway.

Later in the day, the authorities announced a public holiday in Kohat on Tuesday.

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