PM Nawaz says against US drones, no ‘double standard’

pm Nawaz Sharif


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said there was no ‘double standard’ on US drone strikes on Friday. “Even Drone attacks are unacceptable for Pakistan.”

Friday during PM addressing ‘The Vision 2025’ consultative group meeting, PMSharif added that the government’s preparations for peace talks with the Taliban and a real protest had been lodged with the US over drone strikes. The prime minister called drone attacks abusive and cruel, further stating that despite informing the US administration, losses had been incurred due to these strikes.

The prime minister stressed that the country had suffered due to sectarianism and terrorism. “The use of loudspeakers to spread sectarianism, terrorism and militancy needs to be stopped immediately.”

Prime Minister Sharif stressed that under the new terrorism laws, criminals could be tried in courts of other provinces. He added that judges could wear masks during the hearing of terrorism cases.

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