Balochistan; NATO truck driver killed by Gunmen


QUETTA:  Balochistan on Monday NATO truck driver killed during carrying NATO equipment out of Afghanistan fired by Gunment before setting the vehicle, police said.

The attack took place in Naseerabad district, around 400 kilometres (250 miles) southeast of provincial capital Quetta.

Hafiz Hidayatullah, a police official in the area, said four gunmen on motorbikes opened fire at two trucks, killing the driver of one vehicle.

“The attackers then sprinkled petrol on (that) truck and set it on fire,” Hidayatullah told AFP.

“The dead body of the driver had already been taken out by his helper,” he said.

Another senior police official, Farooq Ahmad, confirmed the incident and told AFP that the attackers fled the scene.

The NATO combat mission is due to end next year and most of the hardware will be flown out of land-locked Afghanistan or taken by road to ports in Karachi, despite complications with the route.

There was no claim of responsibility.

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